Elaphite Islands

Day escape tour by boat

A breathtaking archipelago of small islands, the guardians of Dubrovnik sea.

If you want to escape the noise, bustle and crowds of the city board your private motor/sailing/speed boat and enjoy the cruise towards the Elaphite Islands, a breathtaking archipelago of small islands, the guardians of Dubrovnik sea. The wild beauty of these untouched islands combined with their cultural heritage make them unique among the hundreds of other Croatian islands.

Gaze into the deep green sea, hide in some small secluded bay and take a swim under the branches of pine trees that reach down to the water’s surface. Enjoy the deafening silence of Kalamota and its magical Blue Cave, the natural beauty of Mediterranean herbs, vineyards and vegetables in the Šipan fields or the spectacular bays and old castles in the gothic – renaissance style of Lopud. All three islands used to be the summer residences of the aristocracy of the old Dubrovnik Republic.

Embark in Dubrovnik and gaze into the deep green sea of Elaphite Islands Archipelago, hide in some small secluded valley and take a swim under the branches of pine trees that extend to the surface of the sea.  Enjoy the deafening silence of Island Kalmota and its magical Blue Cave where you can snorkel and swim in turquoise blue see.

We continue to the bay of Sunj on island Lopud  for more swimming and relaxing on a white sandy beach. If you are more for sightseeing or a walk we continue to the other side of the Island and disembark in a small town of Lopud where we will visit the Franciscan monastery and the church of St. Mary from the 15th century, and walk between old palaces of the aristocratic nobles from the Dubrovnik Republic.

We continue toward the biggest Elaphite island Sipan that host immense variety of Mediterranean herbs, vineyards, and vegetables.

We can stop for a lunch in one of the most hedonistic restaurants where friendly staff will prepare to satisfy your appetite with imaginative and unusual dishes, while you lie on sunbeds in your own private oasis or take a dip in the cleanest turquoise sea just beneath your feet.

“Cook local and impress global” is the slogan of this region where you will discover perfection in autochthonic Mediterranean simplicity – enjoy it!

Re-board your boat and on your way back you will be spoiled by the gorgeous sunset over Elaphite Islands and reflection of its last sun rays on Dubrovnik Old city walls. When we approach Dubrovnik you can disembark close to the waterfront or use our complimentary shuttle service to get back to your hotel.

Photos copyright: Flickr

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