Traveling based on your personal preferences
and our local knowledge

Dare to Discover was created as a simple  desire to share our knowledge and experience gained  in more than 25 years of traveling, sailing , discovering and  luxury mega yacht clients pampering,  with travelers visiting Croatia and countries of West Balkan region.

As a group of professionals we enjoy assisting our clients with anything they need 24/7. No matter how big or how small the job, we always tackle it with a smile. Traveling is what we do, what define us and still never fail to surprise us.

All of us at Dare to discover are passionate about the countries where we live and work. We love to explore them, share the wisdom of their cultures, beauty of their nature and tastes of their culinary delights.

Our tailor made tours and intimate knowledge of destination makes us a perfect choice for you to discover the real, local flavors of places you visit with us. We create and adjust everything to your personal interests, desires, preferences, needs and budget.

Our philosophy:

„To deliver excellent service displaying care, honesty, commitment and professionalism“