Let us plan a vacation
from your dreams!

We create and adjust everything to your personal interests, desires, preferences, needs and budget. You will be in constant communication with us before, during and after your trip so we are sure your time away is and was a success. No matter how big or how small the job, we always tackle it with a smile!

D2D – Dare To Discover

Mobile: +385 98 929 3522
Mail: [email protected]

Dare To Discover d.o.o. 
Travel & Maritime Agency

Zagreb, Šestinska Cesta 19a, Republika Hrvatska
MBS: 081067021
OIB: 83479067652
ID code: HR-AB-01-081067021
Mobile: +385 98 929 3522
Mail: [email protected]

As a group of professionals we enjoy assisting our clients with anything they need 24/7.