Island Tour

8 Days - Croatia

Split, Hvar, Pakleni Islands, Vis, Korčula, Mljet, Elaphite Iisland, Dubrovnik… Enjoy the most exquisite part of Mediterranean Sea with all its natural beauty and history heritage on a cruise with a private motor boat. Includes 7 nights in a luxury boat. Tours can be adopted according to your preferences.

An 8 day island tour of south Croatia



Feel the charm and vivid atmosphere of the major city on the Dalmatian coast with its UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian’s palace from the 4th century – one of the greatest Roman ruins in Central Europe. Walk along the famous Splitska Riva, see the oldest cathedral in the world – Cathedral St. Duje and see for yourself whether the local people are right when they say that Split is “Najlipši grad na svitu” (the most beautiful town in the world).

Hvar & Pakleni Islands

The island with 300 sunny days in the year, magnificent beaches and astonishing remains from the past including the oldest theatre on the Mediterranean. This mecca of Croatian tourism will invite you to explore its delicious cuisine in fabulous restaurants and lure you to stay longer in fancy cocktail bars and clubs. The pearl of 20 small islands and cliffs called Pakleni islands is just 5 minutes away from Hvar and you can gaze through its crystal-clear water, marvel at the tropical vegetation and relaxing sandy or white cliff secluded beaches.

Island of Vis


Thanks to its biodiversity Vis has been named as one of 10 last refuge paradises of the Mediterranean – according to the World Wild Fund for Nature. After the 2nd world war the island was declared a military zone and has been inaccessible for visitors for 45 years. Due to that “isolation” you can enjoy a part of Mediterranean as it used to be 70 years ago and explore preserved barracks and tunnels as much as 400 m long, the largest sea trench “Lobster”, and climb Tito’s cave which was a hideaway home to world famous marshal Josip Broz Tito during one period of the war. High cliffs and lonely sandy beaches (Stončica, Stiniva, Srebrena, Green cave, Budikovac) will attract you with their magical power and will try to keep you forever exploring each centimetre of the island. Find the Robinson Crusoe in you on this magnificent and lonely island where you will be amazed by its natural beauty.

Island of Biševo and Blue Cave

Witness the turquoise color of the Adriatic Sea where the sky melts with the sea at maybe the most beautiful beach Salbunara during your morning swim. Explore the magic of lights in the Blue Cave where the sun makes its unforgettable performance around noon time.



Korkyra Melaina (as the original old Greek settlers called this island because of its deep dense woods) will seduce you with its abundant vineyards, olive groves and isolated villages. Must see city of Korkyra, typical medieval Dalmatian town with thick walls, high towers, and red roofed houses where the famous explorer and traveller Marco Polo was born, will bring you back in history with its preserved tradition of the chivalrous dance “Moriška”. Must try arguably the best of all Croatian white wines produced from pošip grapes, which are only grown in Korcula and on the Pelješac Peninsula.

Mljet and lakes


This lushly forested island is so seductive that even Odysseus came and stayed here for 7 years. Enter the large and beautiful grotto where he met the nymph Calypso who nursed him on the island after his boat crash. Majority of this island is proclaimed as a national park with 2 large salted lakes and a Benedictine monastery on a small island in one of the lakes. This mystical, untouched island will leave you breathless as it has done to all its visitors for many many years.

Elafiti islands


The wild beauty of these untouched islands combined with their cultural heritage makes these islands unique among hundreds of other Croatian islands. Gaze into the deep green sea, hide in some small secluded valley and take a swim under the branches of pine trees that extend to the surface of the sea. Enjoy the deafening silence of Kalmota, the immense variety of Mediterranean herbs, vineyards, and vegetables in Sipans fields or spectacular bays and old castles in gothic – renaissance style in Lopud – all three islands that used to be summer residences for the aristocracy from the old Dubrovnik Republic.


A UNESCO heritage site and one of the world’s most famous places to visit – this old white marbled beauty, proud of its independence from its very beginning, will welcome you in its traditional aristocratic style. Lose yourself in the narrow cobbled streets, Game of Thrones and Robin Hood film locations, walk the STRADUN to see and to be seen, drink long coffees in bars with amazing views, and explore how it used to be living in the most preserved old city in the world. A symphony of history, natural beauty and gastronomic pleasures will astound you.

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